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We analyse the whole of market to give you the best mortgage advice. At K R Mortgages we take all the hassle and stress out of finding and arranging your mortgage. We explain and help you decide which product is right for you, we will also manage the whole of your application up until completion.

For the vast majority of cases we do not charge a fee for the advice or services offered.


Level Term Assurance

You choose the level of cover you need and over the term you want it to run. The cover is level throughout the term so if you die during this time the insurer will pay out the sum you are covered for. If the policy is on a joint basis then the policy cancels on payment of the first death. The policy finishes at the end of the chosen term and has no surrender or maturity value.

Decreasing Term Assurance Or Mortgage Protection Life Assurance

Again you decide on the initial cover you want and the term. However each month this cover reduces and is therefore considered practical for Capital and Interest repayment mortgages as the cover under the plan should be sufficient to clear the mortgage balance on death. Again on a joint policy the policy ceases on the first death claim. The policy doesn’t offer a surrender or maturity value.

Critical Illness

This is designed to make a payout on the diagnosis of an illness covered by the insurer. It can be on a single or joint basis and be level or decreasing. It can also be incorporated under the above 2 covers for added protection.

Payment Protection

This plan offers protection against accident, sickness, unemployment or all 3 combined. It will pay a pre agreed monthly amount (usually equivalent to the mortgage payment) for a set period. Extra benefit can be taken to cover monthly bills and insurances. The policy can be on a single or joint basis.

Income Protection

This can be used along side a mortgage. A chosen benefit usually up to 65% of your annual salary can be applied with the benefit being paid after a chosen waiting period. The benefit continues to be paid until you return to work or reach retirement. Full details are available on request.


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