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Mortgage Services

We analyse the whole of market to give you the best mortgage advice. At K R Mortgages we take all the hassle and stress out of finding and arranging your mortgage. We explain and help you decide which product is right for you, we will also manage the whole of your application up until completion.

For the vast majority of cases we do not charge a fee for the advice or services offered.


Investment Purchases

Over the last few years buying property for investment purposes has increased so being able to advise from the whole of the market has allowed us to keep pass with this specialist market and provide you with a scheme to meet your requirements for Buy to Let purchases.

This has had a knock on effect with the residential market as more and more lenders are introducing Let to Buy arrangements for people who are looking to move home and at the same time keep their current property to rent out. Lenders will calculate the mortgage for the new purchase irrespective of the existing one as they assume this will be covered by the potential rent. This allows you to get the new property you want and either rent the current one or hold out for the price you want.


Investment purchases have spread to overseas market and we can help with finding a suitable lender for this type of purchase.

Capital Raising

In times of financial difficulty people need a way of reducing their monthly outgoings and in some instances the use of a re-mortgage to release valuable equity from their property is an option. K R Mortgages will provide you with a recommendation to help you lift this financial burden.

In some instances a re-mortgage may not be feasible due to you being tied to your current lender so there are companies who are willing to offer you a secured loan (second mortgage). The rate is higher than mortgage rates but it does allow you to utilise the equity and repay over a longer term than say unsured lending.

You must realise that by using a mortgage or secured loan to consolidate debt you will now be securing it against your property.

Right To Buy Purchases

Purchasing property from councils and housing associations are still possible but the discount you receive has reduced. Even so we can help find a suitable mortgage for you and if required one that will allow extra borrowing for home improvements.


Self Certification of Income

Aimed mainly at the self employed or those without fixed contracts or bonus / commission schemes. Lenders realise that in certain circumstances the provision of income is not always possible as fluctuations occur over a year. They therefore design schemes whereby the applicant confirms their income and that the mortgage is affordable. Even though the lender doesn’t ask for the proof, to safe guard you and ourselves we will need evidence to support your application.

Adverse Lending

Due to financial difficulties individuals may find their credit file to contain late payments, defaults or county court judgements. Even though the High Street lenders will find it difficult to offer a mortgage, specialist lenders are there to help find a mortgage for you. We have access to all these lenders so each application can be assessed accordingly.

Financial and Mortgage Advice
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