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Mortgage Services

We analyse the whole of market to give you the best mortgage advice. At K R Mortgages we take all the hassle and stress out of finding and arranging your mortgage. We explain and help you decide which product is right for you, we will also manage the whole of your application up until completion.

For the vast majority of cases we do not charge a fee for the advice or services offered.


First Time Buyers

For first time buyers, purchasing a home can be a daunting experience especially when it comes to raising the finances for deposits and fees. Unfortunately 100% mortgages are few and far between at the moment so other avenues need to be explored to obtain the mortgage you require.

One of these options is becoming more and more popular whereby a parent or relative either applies along with the applicant or provides a guarantee. At K R Mortgages we will be able to provide you with information on all the options available to you and the most suitable.


Moving home can be very daunting thought - so at KR Mortgages we will try and minimise some of the work be finding you the most suitable solution. We will review both your current mortgage and the whole of the market to see what is the best way forward for you.

Everything will be taken into account such as deposit available the fees you will have to pay etc thus enabling us to present you with a solution.

Low Cost Housing

Now that lenders are restricting the amount they are willing to lend especially to First Time Buyers local authorities and building companies are introducing more and more schemes to assist with the purchase.

We have access to all the lenders offering such schemes whether it be shared ownership, shared equity or the new Government initiative and will help you choose the best option.


Credit History & Financial Commitments

As with all financial agreements an individual’s credit history dictates which lender will be happy to assist with a mortgage and the amount they are willing to lend. If you are unsure of your history you can obtain for a small cost a copy of your credit file from such companies as Experian or Equifax.

Outstanding credit commitments such as loans, HP and credit card balances are taken into account when a lender calculates the amount they are willing to lend so be prepared to have this information to hand when you start the mortgage process. With lenders offering different affordability calculations these commitments can determine who we would approach on your behalf.

Financial and Mortgage Advice
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