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Mortgage Services

We analyse the whole of market to give you the best mortgage advice. At K R Mortgages we take all the hassle and stress out of finding and arranging your mortgage. We explain and help you decide which product is right for you, we will also manage the whole of your application up until completion.

For the vast majority of cases we do not charge a fee for the advice or services offered.



Everyone wants to be able to protect their wealth so that it is passed on to their next of kin but a large percentage of people do nothing about it. A Will is easy to compile and can be arranged to suit your wishes.

Private medical Insurance

This cover is not for everyone but if you are self employed or on no fixed contract could be well worth considering. It will allow you to avoid the NHS waiting lists to get urgent medical attention, which may mean a speedy return to work and minimal loss of earnings preventing any financial worries.


With all mortgages the need of a good solicitor is paramount and we are pleased to be able to recommend reliable solicitors to you, both locally and from a vast panel covering most of the UK. An illustration of cost can be provided on request.

Secured Loans & 2nd Charge Mortgages

When extra borrowing is needed it is not always possible to get it from your current mortgage lender due to various reasons. Secured loans are am option you can consider and the borrowing will run in tandum with your main mortgage and act as a second charge on your property. The benefit of this type of lending over unsecured loans is that it can be cheaper each month as the finance can be over the term of the mortgage. If you need further information please contact K R Mortgages.


We offer competitive protection for your mortgage with access to the whole of the market for

  • Life Assurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Mortgage Payment Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Private Medical Cover
  • Will Writing
For further information of any of our services please call us on 07970 410475 or use the contact page to send us an inquiry

Financial and Mortgage Advice
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